Doctor Tian Xuefeng Founder

Dr. Chris TIAN, Founder

  • Bachelor degree from Xi'an Jiaotong University
  • Master's degree from Huazhong University of
    Science and Technology
  • PhD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Doctor of Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Proficient in computational geometry, 3D
    geometric model engine and 3D model analysis.

Letter from the Founder


I am Chris, the founder of Sogaworks platform. I remember that from my undergraduate to PhD, we often had requirements of parts machining. In retrospect, most of them are not good memories. First of all, finding the suitable factory is a time-consuming and laborious task, not to mention the repeated tossing during the machining process due to quality problems, repeated delays in delivery, and even the situation that the parts have not been machined before the delivery date, and the communication with the factory is always unsatisfactory. Today, when the Internet is so developed, our machining industry is so "traditional" and the experience is so bad. After investigation, it was found that these problems also caused headaches for the engineers and purchasers in the enterprises.

China has undergone more than 40 years of development during reform and opening up. There are millions of mechanical machining plants distributed throughout the country, and a large number of professional and technical personnel have also been trained. Ordinarily, it shouldn't be such a difficult thing to find a suitable factory to make quality-guaranteed parts. However, it is not. Although there are many factories, the machining quality is uneven. Long-term extensive development has led to a weak quality awareness and bad management. In addition, most factories have basically no information technology, so that it is indeed not an easy task to find suitable ones in so many factories.

I came up with the idea of creating an cloud based machining platform to solve the problem of parts machining by "self-operated factory + collaborative factories", and also proposed the slogan "make parts as simple as online shopping", so in 2015 I Founded the brand "Sogaworks". Sogaworks platform is like a super factory. A huge machining network is composed of high-quality factories. Through information and digital means, it can achieve rapid and accurate matching between customer orders and factory capacity.

Sogaworks platform mainly solves two problems. One is the difficulty of finding a suitable factory. Through the method of "strictly selecting factories", we select, inspect, and integrate high-quality machining plants, and digitize the machining capabilities of the plants. In this way, a huge network of high-quality machining plants has been constructed for the platform, and the production capacity of high-quality supply has been formed. At the same time, it also brings more orders to these high-quality factories. The second is to solve the problem of the quality of parts and the guarantee of delivery on time. Through the "self-operated" model, Sogaworks platform first established a self-operated factory, which is mainly used for quickly responding to customer needs, researching complex parts, and verifying key processes of parts. Secondly, we established our own team of engineers and quality inspections. The team has built a quality inspection laboratory and a series of control procedures and standards to ensure that the parts delivered to customers by Sogaworks are all qualified. Meanwhile we have built a set of information system to control the order and machining process, make the machining process transparent, and ensure that the order can be delivered according to the agreed delivery date. In addition, we have also established a set of emergency response mechanisms to ensure that when an exception occurs, we can respond as soon as possible.

There is a Chinese saying that “Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished”. From undergraduate to PhD, my major is mechanical engineering, and I have deep feelings for the machining industry. I hope the world can enjoy parts machining services of high quality, on-time delivery and global competitive price through Sogaworks platform. At the same time, we are also working hard to explore how to promote the progress of the machining industry, and assume our mission--“Make manufacturing more intelligent with technology and innovation”.

Sogaworks Team Always by Your Side


Sales Manager

In response to your machining requirement, our sales manager will
provide you with professional consulting and quotation services,
communicate design requirements and delivery dates in detail,
feedback the DFM of your parts, and answer your doubts and
provide assistance throughout the whole process.


Process Engineer

Our process engineers who have more than 10 years of industry
experience can provide you with the DFM of your parts, review
yours drawings based on the intention of product realization, offer
the optimal suggestions for process procedures, and eliminate
possible quality problems in advance.


Project Manager

The project manager will follow up the parts manufacturing process,
accurately communicate the processing requirements, monitor the
quality of the parts and the machining progress, and ensure that you
receive high-quality parts on time.

Quality Engineer

Quality Engineer

In order to ensure that you receive high-quality parts, in addition to
in-process inspection and factory quality inspection, our quality
engineers will also conduct 100% full inspections on your parts. The
parts will be delivered only if they are qualified and meanwhile the
inspection reports can be provided as necessary.